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Hi. I'm Kevin Carlyon and at the age of 53 I'm proud to say that I am a Witch. Not the sort that conjures up Devils or Demons but more the sort of person that was born with a gift that I have found down through the years I have been able to help people with all sorts of problems, from the very basic like love to far more complex areas like Exorcism and Curse Removal. As you read on and also read my main site where you will find magazine articles written about me, not my claims but actual accounts of my success rates.
When  choosing  to help people I  obviously have to be happy  that  that for which a person is
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asking has been carefully thought through and is not being done as an act of desperation, ie someone has just left and the person wants them back so desperately that they act without thinking. There are also the moralistic things that have to be thought through. An example. You have just broken up with someone and you feel you can't live without them. Now do you wish for their happiness and hope that they will be ok in the future or do you wish for your own, wishing that you will feel good and be happy again, not caring what they actually want for themselves or the fact that they want to move on and find someone else. There is a big difference between selfish and selfless so you must really think things through.
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Right from the start I'll say that I'm not impressed by people who come to me and say that they are going to kill themselves if so and so isn't' back in their lives. I obviously take into account panic and desperation but once this has passed and the person continues to say the same, often in a misconceived idea that by saying this will win my favor  it doesn't'. I am more likely to tell them to go and do it! I don't tolerate fools and nuisances lightly.
I must also say here that although I will go ahead and do a spell for a person if it falls within my skills I don't  necessarily agree with what I am asked to do so a person musn' t assume that I am becoming their agony aunt or I want to constantly hear how bad they are feeling. I am not here to offer constant reassurance or act as a shoulder to cry on. My purpose is to do the work and get a result.
IMPORTANT Right from the start I will say here that I no longer give time scales. This has sadly been ruined by a few people who expect an overnight miracle and suddenly all of their problems solved. Some do work almost instantly but others take time, this being dependent on the circumstances in the first place and these vary immensely. Lying will not make a spell work either.